Hedgehog Summer in a Nutshell!

Late summer greetings from your doting horn trio!

We wanted to share a quick update about what we’ve been up to this summer.

This June, we spent a wonderful two weeks in Saranac, NY, as guests of Hill and Hollow Music. We were fed, entertained, and housed like royalty; we got to hunker down and rehearse daily with a beautiful concert grand piano in a magical space with the perfect acoustic for our ensemble, and then perform there; we were taken on hikes and swims and provided firewood for a solstice fire in our very own fire pit.

As soloist, duo, and then full-on horn trio, we rehearsed and performed Bach’s First Partita in B-flat, Brahms’ Sonata for Piano and Violin in A Major, Op. 100, John Harbison’s Twilight Music, and our 10X10 set. Here is a wonderful, in-depth article about our ensemble and our concert program by Ben Pomerance, of the Lake Champlain Weekly, the hip, arts-forward free paper available to the North Country community. We were also featured in an article in the Press-Republican, the local daily newspaper, and given many shout-outs on North Country Public Radio, NCPR.

We were very honored to be so welcomed by such glorious hosts. Thank you to Angela and Kellum, and to their wonderful, wide local circle of friends and music lovers!


“The Harv”–the wonderful cottage provided us by Hill and Hollow Music.


A view from the top of Lyon Mountain, a quick jaunt and then a 3-hour climb from where we were staying in Saranac!


The glorious Steinway at the Church in the Hollow, Saranac, NY.


Happy Hedgehogs, post-concert!

Directly preceding and following this magical musical retreat experience, the three of us spent some serious studio time at Futura Productions in Roslindale, MA, editing and mastering our 10 x 10 EP. We had a wonderful time; John Weston did absolutely beautiful work and provided us with many enduring quotables.

We are very excited about the product of our epic 10 x 10 creative venture–we can’t wait to share it, it is positively burning a hole in our Dropbox! After a couple more related tasks are accomplished, ’twill be a media blitz, for certain!


Listening and working hard in the studio!


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